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The Label Specialist

NSD International is a global company active in the field of printing of self-adhesive material in all shapes, forms, sizes and other platforms for over 150 years. We are serving a niche market with specialised labels and labelling solutions. With production sites and offices in 20 countries, we are international orientated.

Unique products in flexible media

Unique products in flexible media are our specialty. Through our international orientation, we are one of the major players in this market and familiar with the requirements and wishes of (international) brand owners in this area.

For both informative and promotional demands we have a range of flexible solutions ranging from a sandwich label up to a 56 pages booklet label. In short: added value for your packaging and product.

NSD International offers a total concept, from design and printing capabilities to application. Innovation and quality are always leading. High-end specialties such as booklets and extended content labels, both promotional and informative, are examples that state this. International leader in price/quality.

NSD familiar with all market segments

NSD International has a solution for each form of labelling.
– for (un)printed labels or stickers;
– for special circumstances, e.g. in chemical, pharmaceutical or industrial segments;
– from paper to plastic, in all types of printing;
– for product advertising or product information.

Always competitive and cost conscious.  We can offer our services and knowledge for the application of our labels, stickers, and multi-page booklets. If desired, up to the place of use.

A partner, large in size and diversity, but with attention to detail and the needs of her customers. You can rely on NSD International.

Historical data

The processing of adhesive material requires expertise. The technique to produce labels, tags and stickers on the roll has been developed by NSD International. NSD translates as Dutch Special Printing Company (since 1858). Immediately after the second world war there was a great demand for adhesive products on the roll. The decades of experience of NSD to roll on roll production stood at the cradle of a pioneering production. Many of the techniques developed in those days are still used in modern printing techniques.

Product Groups

On-Pack Labels
Extended Content Labels with additional space up to 56 pages!
For On-Pack Promotions and On-Pack Information 

Detailed information on On-Pack can be found at: www.onpackpromotions.com

Labelling Systems
Your logistic partner in Printing & Labelling Applications, Hardware & Software and Support & Maintenance

Detailed information on Labelling Systems can be found at: www.nsd-systemen.nl

Unique solutions for food safety and hygiene.

Detailed information on LabelLord can be found at: http://en.labellord.eu

Webshop for all your labels and office products.

Detailed information on Etipost can be found at: http://etipost.nl/

Security Printing
pecialised printing techniques for entrance tickets, badges, coupons and savings stamps.

Our Brands

On-Pack Promotions

On-Pack Information



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