Étiquettes spécialisées & Autocollants

Des étiquettes uniques et distinctives pour toutes sortes d'applications.
NSD International is the specialist in labels stickers & tags. A total concept supplier, from design and printing capabilities to application, maintenance and consulting.
Innovation and quality are leading. High-end specialties such as booklets and extended content labels, both promotional and informative, are examples that state this.
International leader in price/quality. With proven results for more than 150 years. We are pleased to let you benefit from our expertise.


What is a Label?

With a label is usually mend, a self-adhesive data carrier. Made out of paper or plastic, blank or printed. Usually produced on a roll. Reason: suitable for automatic application in a production environment. Usually high quantities. Therefore, often production on a roller press (speed higher than sheet fed).

What is a Tag?

Originally a cardboard hanger with a hole at the top. With a piece of string attached to the product. A familiar example is the label on the mailbag.

What is a Sticker?

With a self-adhesive sticker is a separate data carrier intended. Usually made of plastic. Stickers mostly have a promotional or informative purpose. Consider the stickers of political parties. Or promotional stickers for eg.Coca Cola. But stickers can also be a warning, order, injunction or prohibition.

Special designs, constructions and applications

Printing (adhesive plastics) is a specialty. Application, customer requirements, etc. determine the technique used. Technique tailored to the desired application, durability and quality. Our strength lies in the combination of materials (paper and plastic), technique (silkscreen and offset), special inks and adhesives. For you as customer a guarantee of quality. Always at a competitive price! For each material, for each quantity.

Labelling Solutions for all industries and every product.

Always a suitable product in terms of price, quality and application. Promotional, informative, indoor or outdoor etc. Depending on the quantity, application, price and desired quality, made in almost every printing technique. Special materials, special die cut shapes, a combination of (pressure) techniques. We can do it.


Advanced machinery and production methods ensure consistent quality. But also constant quality monitoring has an important role. We produce by GMP (pharmacy), British Standard (chemistry) and Lloyds Register Quality Insurance ISO 9001. We are also familiar with HACCP standards as requested in flower-, plant- and the food Industry.

We preserve the environment

That we are concerned with the environment is reflected in energy saving production methods, materials and the use of water-based inks.

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