Unique Color Coding System for Food Safety


With 150 years of expertise NSD International is an authority in the field of labels and stickers. Particularly in the application and use of labels, tags and stickers under special circumstances. In the late 90s this knowledge was at the cradle of a unique food coding system for food safety (HACCP). This simple, but very effective system is currently international leading in almost any place where food is prepared.

How the Colour Coding System works

Every day has its own distinctive colour. With a single glance, the products and their expiration date can be checked. Food products prepared on Monday have blue labels. They reach their expiration date in two days: on Wednesday. If you look into the refrigerator on Wednesday, you do not want to see any blue labels. This is how simple and effective control can be.

The Dispenser System

All labels are hygienically stored in the, closed, high-quality stainless steel dispenser. The patented colour coding system is extended with three essential HACCP and food storage labels: FREEZER, REFRIDGERATION and STORAGE. Provides a comprehensive HACCP system to code/mark all your food. So you can cope with the HACCP regulation and hygiene compliance in a professional, clear and simple way.

Simplicity is the basis.

LabelLord is easy to integrate in any (existing) HACCP plan. It saves time and costs and is user friendly. Your (ambulatory) staff can easily familiarise themselves with the system. Colours indeed speak all languages!

Our expertise and experience guarantees your success

LabelLord has over 25 years of experience with e.g. colour coding systems and products in the field of food safety and hygiene. The LabelLord colour coding system answers many questions: Until when is the product shelf life? Which product is it? When was it taken out of the freezer? LabelLord coding answers all questions at once. LabelLord is the specialist in the field of food safety and food coding.

Knowledge we are happy to share with you

Small and large organisations in catering, health care, nurseries, hotels, restaurants, bakeries and butchers, work daily with our products. More than 250.000 systems have found their way to satisfied users. LabelLord has a lot of experience in the field of food safety and HACCP. We would like to let you benefit from this to improve or upgrade your process.

The LabelLord philosophy

Our solutions are easy to apply, effective and cost- and labour saving. In short: added value in daily practice. We place high demands on the quality of our products and suppliers.
All LabelLord products are available at most catering wholesalers.

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