Reach your target audience with OnPack Promotions

The Supermarket

Once a family outing, these days it is a necessary evil: grocery shopping. We used to do our weeks grocery shopping  on a Saturday, walking around and checking out the special offers. Nowadays, we prefer having a quick meal or ordering food online.

Scanning the products

Of course, there are still customers who love to leisurely stroll around on a Saturday, but this group is getting smaller and smaller.  More and more consumers want to quickly do their grocery shopping and because of the longer opening hours it is not necessary to go to the supermarket on a Saturday anymore.  In conclusion, a customer spends a short amount of time in the supermarket these days. Therefore, less attention is being paid to presentation materials and advertising displays.

Order the groceries online

Supermarkets become webshops where customers can order their groceries online.  They fill their virtual basket, click on the online register, and pay for their groceries. A day later, the products are delivered at their doorstep, or they can be picked up at one of the pick-up points.

Reach your target audience

When ordering online, consumers do not get any further than the entrance of the supermarket.  They do not see the special offers you see when you are in an actual supermarket. With a promotion of On Pack Promotion on the packaging, your brand will catch the customer’s eye and will leave a lasting impression. OnPack Promotion works online as well as on the packaging in the stores.

On Pack Promotion on your packaging

Nowadays, the packaging of your product is your biggest asset. Surely, your product always comes in a packaging. Whether your customers come in the supermarket or not, it does not matter.  At home, customers have time to read the promotional message on the packaging. This way, the OnPack Promotion is always read.  If it is not while unpacking, then surely when your product is, for example, on the breakfast table.  This way, your product will continually receive attention.

More information

There are numerous promotional possibilities like discount promotions, give-aways, and saving promotions.  Would you like more information about introducing OnPack Promotion, please contact Elaine Logan at